The curriculum is engaging, vibrant and challenging, enabling pupils to remain focused

Ofsted 2018


At Froxfield School we believe that learning and enjoyment go hand in hand. Children who are happy in school will learn well.

We offer a broad and rich curriculum, giving children an opportunity to build on their areas of strength, develop new interests and passions and achieve academic excellence. The curriculum extends beyond the acquisition of knowledge – we aim to nurture and develop in our children the skills to be successful. Children at Froxfield are taught to work together, be creative, be problem solvers and above all be strong communicators.

We believe that children learn best when they are able to make sense of their learning through active, language-rich experiences within, outside and beyond school. Learning in the primary years should be fun and we look for every opportunity to provide exciting, memorable learning for our children. Learning outside of the classroom is central to our approach at Froxfield and is very much part of the children’s daily experience, be it within our beautiful grounds and surrounding area or further afield.

Children leave Froxfield School achieving more than they ever thought possible, taking many happy memories with them. They are well-prepared for the next stage of their learning journey where they go on to achieve continued success.


Froxfield is a small school that believes in being a close-knit community of individuals. We foster a sense of belonging for children, at both a local, national and global level.

Children thrive when they are taught mutual respect in an inclusive environment. We offer a nurturing, inquisitive community where diversity is celebrated and every child is catered for.

We foster independence, curiosity and self-esteem. Our staff are highly educated, believe in creative, imaginative teaching, and love working here.


We understand that experiences of school are shaped by both the physical and emotional environment. That’s why Froxfield offers stimulating environments both inside and outside, where your child will be safely supported and challenged on a daily basis.

The school is situated in beautiful surroundings, and we aim to include as much outdoor learning in our curriculum as possible – particularly for sport, art and music.

We encourage children’s involvement in the school environment to support their learning, as well as their understanding of wider environmental issues.


We take quality seriously.

Our effective systems support the school’s self-evaluation, which leads to a continuing cycle of improvement for children.

All our monitoring and evaluation activity supports the stated aims of our vision, and everyone within the school community has a role to play. We aim to make the links between our vision, our aims and our practice explicit and transparent.